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Neptune Logistics Singapore primarily focuses on the trip between Singapore and China. The charges varied with different destination locations. To get a quote, use the form below to provide the departure and destination location, we will get back to you ASAP. The local handling charges for export and transhipment is shown below. 

AIR EXPORT - Local Handling (Door to Airport) :

ALL IN   *                      : SGD 20.00 or SGD 0.13/kg (Whichever is greater)

*(Include AWB, Screening fee & Export Transfer)

Pick-up (Normal)           : SGD 35.00 or SGD 0.12/kg (with loading facilities and within Singapore mainland)

Export Permit Fee         : SGD 10.00 per set


Other Additional charges; if applicable

DGR Handling Fee         : SGD60.00 per shipment (Item 4, line 1 to 8 is for export shipment only)

DGR Terminal Fee         : SGD85.00 per shipment (Exclude Certificate & Packing)

DGR Airlines Fee            : SGD100.00 to SGD 180.00 approximate (subject to different airlines)

DGR Check List Fee        : SGD80.00 per DGD form (exceed 5 packages SGD8.00/pkg) (if require)

DGR Certificate             : SGD100.00/set (if required, shipper declaration)

DGR compliance check  : SGD10.00 per package (if require)

DGR Packing                  : SGD60.00 per box (if require, 30x30x30cm on carton box only)

DGR Overpack               : SGD50.00 per pallet (if require)


Additional                     : SGD80.00 per trip to Free trade zone area (eg: JZ, KZ, Jurong Island and etc)

CBD area surcharges      : SGD25.00/trip (Central Business District, if applicable)

Long Length Surcharge  : SGD120.00/trip (cargo exceed 350cm length)

Tailgate                        : SGD40.00/trip (add-on charges)

Storage in Acme            : Min SGD40.00 or 4.00/cbm per week (1st 5 days free storage upon arrival)

Labour                          : SGD60.00 per head

Empty Pallet                 : SGD35.00 per pallet

Strapping/Shrink wrap   : SGD35.00 per pallet

Overtime/Warehouse    : SGD30.00 Per Hours ~ After office hour

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