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Russian steel mill equipment transportation

2019-07-26 14:20:01

Project Product Name: Equipment (including heating furnace, electric arc furnace, refining furnace, large transformer, etc.)
Departure: Shanghai/Tianjin
Destination: Russia Krugoloyeboli 648400
Description of the goods: The project has nearly 10,000 goods, the maximum cargo length is over 12 meters, and the single cargo is 87 tons. The whole project needs scientific project logistics management and perfect transportation plan support.

Project transportation route:
Mode of transport: Due to the complex size of the cargo, there are some over-contained goods, involving three modes of transportation.
1. Container transportation Transportation line: Tianjin/Shanghai-Manzhouli-Krugoloyeboli
2. 2, wagon transport transport routes: Tianjin / Shanghai - Alashankou -Krugoloyeboli
3. Bulk carrier transportation + truck transportation Transportation line: Shanghai - Novorossisk - Krugoloyeboli

Cargo collection:
Due to the large size of the project, the purchased goods came from more than a dozen different suppliers, and Neptune provided warehousing services. Due to the nearly 10,000 pieces of goods involved, the packing list data provided by the factory in advance is different from the size and total amount of the actual goods.
When the Neptune Project team receives the goods in the warehouse, it re-measures each piece of goods, checks the weight, and checks the suppliers one by one.
This also ensures the accuracy of the export declaration data in the later period, and the attention to detail ensures the rapid implementation of the project, which is also the embodiment of the logistics advantages of the Neptune logistics project.

Built-in warehouse / loading and unloading reinforcement:
Many project owners divide large equipment into assemblies of different sizes. One is easy to transport, and it also saves costs. Therefore, the interface of the mechanical equipment is most afraid of bumping during transportation. If it is not properly reinforced, it will become a piece of scrap iron after being transported to the destination. The Neptune team has extensive project logistics management experience and professional loading and unloading team, reasonable reinforcement program, and scientific packing plan. In the reinforcement of the work, and finally achieved the goal of the goods to reach the destination of "zero loss", the receiver was highly praised.

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