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Transit transport of John Deere agricultural combine harvester

2019-07-26 12:16:23

John Deere is the world's leading provider of advanced products and services in agriculture and forestry. It is a leading supplier of products and services for construction, lawn and site maintenance, landscape engineering and irrigation. John Deere also manufactures and sells heavy equipment engines. John Deere ranks first in the world in agricultural tools and is known as the "Mercedes" in agricultural machinery products.

Transportation route: Tianjin Xingang - Erlian - Ulaanbaatar
Implementation date: August 2012

For the transit of bulk cargo, the Neptune Logistics team has extensive experience that has played a key role in the transportation of the John Deere combine harvester. The corn in Mongolia matured in mid-September, and the residents of Ulaanbaatar had to receive the harvester before the corn matured and put it into production immediately after the commissioning. The customer asked for 15 days to arrive in Ulaanbaatar. The plan is to transport the goods by rail. Because of the safety considerations of the Chinese railway, the large-scale cargo in the international intermodal transport needs a declaration plan, and the design reinforcement section is finally agreed and approved for transportation. This time usually takes 2 weeks.

In the case of tight delivery time, the Ocean Logistics team proposed to the customer to transport the goods by road and rail transportation through combing the entire process. Use customs-supervised trucks to transport the goods to the border station in Mongolia, Zamyn-Uud, and then directly switch to the railway. The program was approved by the customer and the goods were shipped safely to the destination in only 12 days.

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