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Neptune Logistics Group won three honors such as anti-epidemic.

At the award ceremony, Neptune was awarded:

Government Enterprise Collaboration Award 2020

Best Company Sharing of the Year 2020

"2020 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Fight Against Epidemic"

Go home with honor!

Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co., Ltd. joined the association in March 2009, and actively participated in the exchange and investigation activities organized by the association and the freight forwarder groups. In line with the enterprise style of Neptune Logistics Group, we learn from each other and carry out academic exchanges with other members of the association to share the industry experience. Won -- 2020 Best Enterprise Sharing Award

At the invitation of Guangzhou Maritime Court, the association recommended 15 industry experts to become mediators. With outstanding business ability and serious and responsible attitude, Johnson was recommended as the specially invited mediator of Guangzhou Maritime Court Shenzhen Court.

In their spare time, the mediator cooperated with the court in pre-trial mediation with professional knowledge and experience, and successfully resolved many cases, which was highly praised by the Guangzhou Maritime Court. Mr. Johnson personally won the 2020 Government-Enterprise Cooperation Award

Investigative reporters from CCTV13 visited the association to learn the stories of how member enterprises saved themselves and survived in the narrow gap when foreign trade enterprises and factories were on the verge of closing down. The association contacted Neptune, five of its member companies, led by Armand Air, for an interview.

The program was broadcast on August 31 last year in a special column dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

Bonnie, general manager of Neptune Group, was interviewed to describe the company's resilience in the face of the epidemic.

After the senior leaders recognized the situation and trend, they quickly made adjustments, established an emergency team, arranged prevention and control measures, and ensured the orderly operation of the business.

Neptune actively responded to the call of the government, highlighting the spirit of Neptune enterprise, donations for the most seriously affected Wuhan, shoulder social responsibility. Awarded -- 2020 Anti-epidemic Outstanding Contribution Award.

This award, we feel proud and proud, thank the association to our recognition. As a member of the Association, I will continue to actively fulfill the obligations of the Association, enhance cooperation and exchanges, be realistic and pragmatic, show corporate wisdom, and contribute to the development of China's international freight transport.

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