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The Industry monopolised by China: The birth of the Container

China's foreign trade orders are growing rapidly. The price of a container to Europe is now more than 13,000 US dollars, which is 10 times higher than before the epidemic.

In July, Neptune customized the 6500 container fresh "out"!

Neptune has been customizing new boxes into the Asia-Europe business plate, so far, The Number of Neptune containers has reached 6500+, all over the world, in the Asia-Europe journey eye-catching and bright, exclusive Neptune Logo aura is full, highlighting the power of Chinese brand.

What technology is China most grateful for its rapid growth in recent decades? The Internet? Cell phones? All of these are very important, but there is a small small invention quietly changed our national luck, today xiaobian to talk to you about a China's almost "monopoly" industry - container manufacturing.

1. The steel pretreatment and stamping: strict in atmospheric corrosion resisting steel container manufacturing industry and ocean product adopts the design of the low carbon steel composite metal elements add, excellent corrosion resistance of steel, and surface quality, dimensional accuracy, plate type, good formability index, well meet the requirements with the use of the steel container.

2. Parts welding: parts are welded into a whole to form a large frame and transported to the final assembly.

3. General assembly welding: place the bottom frame on the assembly table, weld the corner parts of each top Angle, front and rear top Angle strengthening plate, cover the roof, spot welding positioning of the roof and the top side beam, and then polish and trim.

4. Lay the wood floor: lay the wood floor, spring the line, punch the hole, and play the wood floor screw.

5. Sealant: the bottom beam, threshold, front and lower transverse beam, bottom side beam and wood floor contact surface sealant (butyl glue), the floor bottom middle beam sealant.

6. Labeling and beauty makeup: The labeling of box number label, height label, UIC label, box main label and other labeling drawings as required, box main label and other large labels that cross the weld shall be coated with silica gel to prevent water from entering and penetrating.

7. Light and water tightness test: If light and water seepage of the container will cause major damage, the test and inspection of the container is an indispensable link for the normal and effective operation of the whole cargo transportation system.

8. Drying out: Qualified containers can not be used directly after being manufactured. They need to be dried in an open area with sufficient air flow to make the paint and label better attached and remove the odor.

The first bucket of gold of China's economic boom is relying on exports. When China had nothing, it was by selling shirts and socks to foreign countries to save a little money. In the 1970s and 1980s, the foreign trade industry suddenly broke out, and the wave of globalization swept the world. Then why not before now?

The main reason is that freight is too expensive (the cost of loading and unloading at the dock), the profit of trade is not as high as the high freight, and the loading and unloading efficiency is so low that the cargo stays on the dock longer than the sailing time. It wasn't until the 1960s that a magical artifact was invented -- the container.

The container has a unified size, the wharf can use a unified crane, unified display, the goods arrived at the port do not need to load and unload one by one, the goods that originally needed a week to load and unload, half a day after the appearance of the container, the whole transportation process standardized.

New York harbour in 1964 there were 140 m workers, container invention after 10 years the number of workers to one hundred and twenty thousand people, the remaining less than one over ten, but his freight volume has increased dramatically, such a big iron boxes represent more than just a packing, the more important is a set of standardized system of factors, countries rely on such a system, The beginning of vigorous global trade.

The reform and opening up also happened to catch up with the popularization of the container, from the invention of the container in the 1960s to today's international trade combination has increased 65 times, China quickly integrated into the international trade system, China's products also rely on container transportation throughout the world.

Therefore, without containers, there would be no global trading system, and there would be no basis for China's foreign trade equipment.

Now, China basically "monopolized" the container market. Cimc group was established in 1982 and produced 200,000 containers a year in 1996, becoming the largest container manufacturer in the world. Until now, many batches of containers of Yang Yang were manufactured through CIMC.

Now more than 96% of the world's dry container and 100% of reefer containers are manufactured by China, the first quarter of this year and production to 580000 containers, accounts for 42% of the global total, is absolutely the container industry leading enterprises, and east of the second and third international new huachang are Chinese company, China's manufacturing sector, though strong, But almost monopolizing an industry like this is rare.

So how did China come to dominate the container industry step by step? What kind of strength is hidden behind a seemingly simple container?

China produces more than 90% of the world's containers, not only because of the high level of manufacturing, but also because China itself is the largest exporter of goods, need a lot of boxes to load, and foreign countries do not need so many containers. Containers are easy to make, and China can dominate the industry ostensibly because the material is cheap enough. China is the world's largest producer of steel, accounting for 55% of global production.

According to a joke, China ranks first in global steel production, Hebei ranks second, the EU ranks third, and Hebei ranks fourth in under-reported output. The reality is not so exaggerated, but China's steel production capacity is strong, low prices, let us have a great cost advantage in related industries.

However, in recent years, China has been eliminating outdated steel production capacity in order to protect the environment, and production is very restraint. Compared with Vietnam and Malaysia, China has no big cost advantage. The real reason why the industry remains a monopoly is that China is the only source of demand.

Since last year, when the world's production slowed and many factories shut down, China's exports rose 3.94 percent, defying the trend. Almost by one country, China has kept the global production order stable. With its strong capacity, it has to buy a lot of containers to supply the world with scarce materials.

At present, tens of thousands of containers are stranded on the coast of Los Angeles in the United States, more than 50,000 containers are stranded at ports in Australia, and ports in many countries, including Britain and France, are filled with empty containers. The number of parachuted into ports around the world is three times the usual level.

The unloading capacity of foreign ports cannot keep up with the speed of Chinese shipments. All the ports in Europe and the United States have been congested, and the materials that did not need to be imported have to be imported from China now. Because of the suspension of production and work, there are not too many goods abroad to sell to China, so the containers that go out from China basically have no return.

On average, for every three boxes shipped, only one was recovered. So shipping companies and freight forwarders continue to buy new containers, only in this way can not delay delivery, foreign ports empty boxes piled up nobody, domestic demand for containers in short supply. In this case, which foreign companies to produce containers, basically equal to selling sand in the desert.

So this simple container, which looks like anyone can make, is actually only made in China, which is a strong monopoly on the demand side. In the final analysis, the super position of China's container industry is due to the comprehensive rise of foreign trade industry, and now it has begun to enter the era of free trade globalization that belongs to China

With the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the implementation of china-Europe freight trains, China's foreign trade and logistics and transportation industries are very much expected.

Container seems simple and rough, its production process is unexpected meticulous, thanks to the hard workers for us to make high-quality containers. Every process of container is strict and precise, through layers of checks, and finally appears in the orbit of the Eurasian continent. Neptune container production from dry cargo container to general cargo container, as well as special container, specifications and varieties are diverse, can meet all kinds of transportation needs.

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