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multimodal transport


—— Neptune Logistics is committed to China, the CIS region, and Europe's rail transport and international transport with multimodal transport method which is including international rail transport, sea and rail transport, steam and rail transport, air transport, and so on. Through the integration of cross-border integrated logistics resources, customers are provided with one-stop services for transporting goods from one country's domestic takeover sites to designated delivery locations within another country. Mainly includes Chinese port, Russian, Mongolia, Central Asia five countries and other countries bordering China by land cross-border intermodal transport routes.

—— Multimodal transport is a unique service project for Neptune Logistics. For 18 years, Neptune Logistics has operated many multimodal transport projects with a professional team and rich experience.

Advantages of Multimodal Transport

First, the responsibility is unified, the procedure is simple.
Consign a ship, sign a contract, pay a single full freight, obtain a joint transport document, fulfill all responsibilities, and simplify the procedure.

Second, reduce intermediate links, shorten freight time, reduce cargo damage, and improve cargo quality. 
After the goods are packed and sealed from the consignor's warehouse, they are directly transported to the consignee's warehouse for delivery. There is no need to unpack the boxes in the middle, reducing the intermediate links and better ensuring the safety of the goods and the quality of the goods. The transportation links and various transportation tools are closely matched and compact. When the goods arrive, the transit is prompt and timely, and the transit time is reduced. Therefore, the goods can be safely, quickly, accurately, and timely. Ground. 

Third, reduce transportation costs, save transportation costs, and facilitate trade development.
After the goods are packed or loaded with the first-way transportation tools, the intermodal documents can be obtained for settlement, and the settlement time is early, which is conducive to accelerating the turnover of goods and reducing interest expenses. Multimodal transport uses a single intermodal document and a single freight rate, which greatly simplifies the production and settlement procedures, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, especially for the cargo side to pre-calculate the transportation cost, choose a reasonable transportation route and provide trade for the trade. Favorable conditions.

Fourth, to achieve door-to-door transportation.
Multimodal transport integrates various modes of transportation, fosters strengths and avoids shortcomings, and constitutes direct and coherent transportation, which not only shortens transportation mileage, reduces transportation costs, but also accelerates freight turnover and improves cargo quality. Multi-modal transport can be used to transport goods from the shipper's in-house warehouse to the consignee's in-house warehouse, laying a favorable foundation for door-to-door direct and consistent transportation.

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