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Value-Added Services

Supply chain finance

Relying on the group's strong financial advantages and enterprise resource integration and management capabilities, Grande has established close cooperative relations with a number of domestic banks and financial institutions.

The company aims to help solve the problems of enterprise guarantee and financing, and revolves around the enterprises with upstream and downstream business norms, good credit, stable sales channels and sources of rebate funds, targeted to provide account management, settlement, supply chain financing and other services.

Grande provides "sea plan" to domestic manufacturing enterprises. According to the customer marketing objectives and the requirements of the distribution system, we assist customers to establish the most suitable distribution model. Cooperate with the establishment of different distribution systems, implement efficient logistics means, and combine with capital settlement platform and information management system to provide customers with logistics, capital settlement, information processing and other services to help customers achieve overseas distribution and delivery, reduce channel inventory, control transaction risks, speed up the turnover rate of payment, and enhance the competitiveness of customers.

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